Hey gang, just a note to say I'm not willingly ignoring any one of my regular comment stops, I just won't have time for catching up on any of you daily for the next 10 weeks.
Work - 8:30am-12
iOS/ Obj-C Dev - 12:45-9pm
that doesn't even include transportation time. ahhh!
My first day was great, but my brain locked up at about 6:30pm.

Guillaume is being supersupportive even though work is sucking his soul. We had amazing sendoff-to-work morning sex, and tonight I came home to a sparkly clean house & an awesome dinner on the table.
I wasn't able to find anyone to temporarily replace me at work so like an insane woman, and like every time I ever take a class ever, I'm still working.

Here in the Bay, you gotta constantly keep learning or you die.
Lucky for me I'm wired that way so it works out.
It's crazy, though. Out of over 500 applicants our class of 20 is comprised of lots of CS Stanford & Caltech grads (wtf u need this class for, yo?) and a bunch of devs and engineers and this one 15 yr old freakazoid whizkid. I'm totally outclassed, but idgaf, I have no problems being the dumb one because I frakkin' *LOVE* being exposed to their logic processes. Though it is terribly bruising on my ego, my self-esteem has been thru hell and back over the past few years so the fucks given are none.

My brain is being stretched to absolutely unimaginable proportions and the torture is HEAVEN.

Other things:
- Had to go back to HSV for a week for my dad's heart surgery
- Gonna have to go back in a few weeks
- Nicolas slept on our couch here in SF for 10 days and there was no drama, nothin' but luv.
- my health is shit, but my mental clarity level is at a peak so i figure i should maximize that while i still can
- company is growing crazyfast since the move to SF
- omg hiring is SO FUCKING HARD here. I've been offered over 20 positions in earnest since i moved here (I haven't even been looking nor on the market!) and had to struggle to fill 3 positions at my own company. it is a MADHOUSE here.

Anyone with a pulse looking for a job should move to the Bay for reals.

instagram highlights since last public post:

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It's about time, eh?
More pics once everybody gets back home, off their arses and uploads them.

Working from the beach is nice.
We were going to Bat's Day at Disneyland as planned, but unfortunately it's the same weekend as Maker Faire and I had so much fun at the Austin one I NEED to go again. Plus, I need to find new friends for my 'copter drone.

There are more on instagram here: http://followgram.me/margaretblue
'spose i'll upload the other ones as they become avail.