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Psychobillie Holiday
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Little black cloud in a dress

Firefly is love.

pictures for mood sets captured & animated by mimisoliel
4ad, 5f_55, abandoned factories, african diaspora, ai, alberta hunter, angelo badalamente, ant-zen, apocalyptic and futuristic culture, arzt+ pfusch, audiobooks, autechre, balancing strength & flexibility, beefcake, bell hooks, belle & sebastian, billie holiday, black rockers, blinking lights, bringing great bands here, bsg, cabaret, cello, cetu javu, chicks on speed, clive barker, cocteau twins, coil, collection d'arnell-andrea, converter, corsetry, dame darcy, darla records, das ich, david garza, dcd, death jazz, deathcab for cutie, diamanda galas, dorothy parker, earth wind & fire, einsturzende neubauten, electrical engineering, erykah badu, experimental industrial, female chauvanism, fight club, firefly, future sound of london, gadgets, gnostic christianity, godspeed! you black emperor, green tea, hafler trio, hakim bey, harlan ellison, heavy water factory, hyperium, imminent starvation, indie films, industrial engineering, isotope 217, jan svankmajer, janeane garafalo, jarboe, jeff buckley, jesus lizard, jim jarmusch, john zorn, jucifer, kettle drums, kicking invisible objects, kranky records, kronos quartet, legendary pink dots, linux, lisa bonet, love's secret domain, low, lush, lycia, maggie estep, making no sense, matlab, melt banana, mermaids, merzbow, metaphysics, military percussion, miniaturized devices, mogwai, muslimgauze, my bloody valentine, mysql, nanotechnology, neal stephenson, noise, noisepop, oneiroid psychosis, openbsd, outkast, php, pineal ventana, portland, public enemy, rachel's, raison d'etre, rakim sans erik b., real soul music, red house painters, refereeing, roller derby, root, rufus wainwright, sassy magazine, scorn, sepia-toned films, seti@home, shellac, shipping news, shoegazer, skinny friggin' puppy, sleepytime gorilla museum, slint, smoke, stalking andre, stinking lizaveta, stoa, sushi, swans, system administration, tear garden, the bellrays, the egyptian lover, the magnetic fields, the prids, the slits, theremins, travel, turning boys gay, unwound, useless cyborg add-on modules, vaughn oliver, voodoo, war wong kai, weird sex, windy & carl, workaholism, xiu xiu, zap mamma